Workout Player pause?

I have a question about the workout player, specifically during an outdoor ride. While executing a workout I noticed that the interval timer that shows how much time is left until the next interval continues to count down even when the current speed is zero. This isn’t really an issue indoors since you don’t have to stop but when stopped at a traffic light or intersection is there a way to enable or disable some sort of auto pause when not moving? (I realize that stops aren’t ideal as the workouts are intended to be done straight through but stops are unavoidable at times while riding outdoors) I see that you can enable and disable GPS but that doesn’t seem to affect the countdown timer. I have the workout player installed on both my Garmin 520 Plus and android devices. Thanks in advance for the help, I’m pretty new to this platform but think it’s great so far.

Thanks Kenny. It doesn’t really make sense to split intervals by adding rest when there shouldn’t be (due to stops). Our system gets around this by having variable duration “smart” intervals that change duration based upon execution. Not all intervals are smart but many are and these will accommodate outdoor riding much better than standard intervals. Some workouts in fact are quite effectively done outdoors where the ON high intensity intervals last only as long as needed and the REST intervals lengthen/shorten based on how hard/easy you go.