Workout-player on garmin not syncing workout specifics

Hi, I just completed a workout using the connect-iq workout player on my garmin edge 1030. Following the workout went quite well, even though i did it outdoor on my roadbike. After finishing I saved it and was rather dissapointed that none of the workout specifics had been synced to xert or strava. Not the name of the workout, no steps/rounds and in particular their target power, just a plain activity without any structure or information… Did I make a mistake somewhere along the setup or process or is it just like that?

Are these the instructions you followed? (note outdoor vs indoor differences)

Hi and thanks for the quick reply. I’m not 100% sure if I could chose Option A, B or C during installation (even though it was just a few days ago :dizzy_face:) but I assume I would have chosen B as I dont have a smart trainer. I removed the App from my Edge and reinstalled it, there was no choice to be made between A, B or C, just the logg-in process to xert.
By the way, I just found out that there are some more workout-specifics on Garmin Express, which got lost on their way from Garmin to Strava and then Xert. Maybe if installed the sync from Garmin to Strava they might also show-up on Xert. see screenshot from Garmin Express:
Screenshot 2022-04-24 175523