Workout player on Edge 1030 freeze every 4-5 min

Ive just done my first Xert smart workout on my edge 1030 using the CIQ workoutplayer and using my Neo and on the side the Remote player on ipad
Everything seemed to work perfect but 5 min in the timer Froze completely and only Way to Continental was to Press reconnect but it only lasted 4-5 min and i had to do it again and it continued like this untill i gave up 2/3 through the workout :pensive::pensive::pensive:
This is a complete dealbreaker for me if it doesnt work properly on the workoutplayer its useless for me
I am not going to export workouts to get it working, if thats the case there is other softwares that integrates better

I had exactly the same experience with my Garmin Edge 1030 and Elite Direto. I tried 2 times and then I took one workout from Zwift

Hi Frank, were you able to find out if you had any CIQ fields running ‘background services’ on your Garmin 1030? Per our note to you via (and for you @Mohamed), there is an outstanding issue with the 1030 firmware whereby something running in the background can affect the app working in the foreground. We haven’t heard from Garmin when this will be resolved yet.

yep got an answer from armando on FB and removed an CIQ app similar to myedge and that seemed to do the trick :slight_smile:
yesterday did a 2.5 hour workout on the workoutplayer controlling my Neo spoton :slight_smile: