Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ - data upload question

Will the workout player upload my completed workouts to Xert and Garmin Connect if my Xert account is not linked to my Garmin Connect account?

Hi Jacob. If you complete a workout with the Xert Workout Player on the Garmin, it will first be uploaded to Garmin Connect and then if you have the Garmin Connect interface set up, it will be synced to Xert. If you have Strava setup on both GC and Xert, it can go from GC->Strava->Xert, although some data may not make it all the way through. See our FAQ for further assistance on this.

Is it possible to set Xert up such that it retrieves workouts from Garmin Connect (to get naming, data etc. correct) and other activities (i.e. “normal” rides) from Strava?

Unfortunately, we only get the FIT file from GC at this time and it does not contain a name or description.