Workout planned cadence

I have seen some workouts with a description recommending changes of cadence in the intervals while maintaning the power. Is it possible to add a cadence target to the workout?

Which workout? We generally follow the science which suggests that cadence isn’t something that needs specific training. One could argue that pedaling at very fast or very slow cadences can increase strain as compared to more optimal cadences but simply pedaling with greater intensity accomplishes the same.

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In this one for example by Dr Cheung,
Cheung -Come as you are:
“Working mostly at or near your LTP for steady endurance efforts. With endurance work and especially on the trainer, one good habit is to shake up your cadence. Try doing each of the steps in different gears and cadences, ranging from 70-100+ rpm. Really helps to maintain snap and work different muscles.”

and also by Dr Cheung People get ready: " Especially on a trainer, it is great practice to switch up cadences to activate a range of muscles. During the 4x5 min efforts at 110% LTP, do them at 70/80/90/100 rpm. "

Ah ok. It’s not a bad idea to mix up cadences at lower intensities but there’s no prescription that generates specific results. Some have argued for lower cadence endurance riding but still that’s controversial.

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