Workout outside. Incorrect time

Want to ride the workout Irom man 180.
Garmin connect --> IQ connect to obtain the signature -->Processing workout --> Workout ready.
Then starting the workout. Warmup phase no problems.
But than:

  • in the 'recovery’steps of the workout the countdown time is in reality the double than the time on the screen. Thus: 1 second on the screen is in real 2 seconds!!
  • in the other interval steps: 2 seconds on the screen is in real 1 second.

What happens here?

  • I do something wrong?
  • Problem Xert?
  • Problem Edge 1030?

However: very frustrating, a waste of energy, a waste of time …

SMART workouts are different from normal workouts. This one uses dynamic duration intervals and it may be confusing if you read 5 min MMP and actually the interval’s duration is 6 or 4,5 minutes, or whatever.

Furthermore, you’ll need a very accurate signature, I think, or you may be in trouble with high intensity intervals taking too long and/or your rest being too short/too long…

The’ Iron man 180’ is not a smart workout.
There is something wrong. Restarting the workout is it the inverse (recovery step: 2 seconds is in real 1 second.

Okay, so you have another library then I do, or you created one yourself.

I didn’t know that and I have only SMART Iron Man workouts in my list.


I strongly disagree with that. No ride is ever a waste of time. :slight_smile:
The Iron Man workouts are all labeled SMART in my library as well.
Performing a SMART workout outdoors is bound to be more elastic than the same workout on a smart trainer.

Robert, You are right. It was a smart workout. Sorry.

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No worries :sunglasses: SMART workouts are even more ‘erratic’ when performed outdoors. I have tried several, but I have a good cycling backyard, with long straights, no traffic (lights) and so forth. If you do them indoors (I wouldn’t want to do 3 hours of it, but some do), then the advise is not to use ERG mode.

Robert, I have a video to illustrate the problem. How can I post this video ?

You’ll need to upload that to a third party (YouTube or similar) and post a link to it here…

This is the link to the video.
Begin of the video: the countdown is double.
At the end (the next workout step): it is the inverse.
This can not be normal.

Is it set to ‘Private’? I get a ‘Video unavailable’ error… Also, can you make the (Xert) activity in question ‘Public’ and share a link to it here?


Can you open the above link?

I can and it seems like your powermeter is not connected (it’s reading zero) hence the timer goes at minimum speed during the work intervals (2 x standard) as it thinks you’re not drawing down MPA… and it goes at maximum speed in the recovery intervals (0.5 x standard) as it thinks your MPA is fully recovered already.

There have been some cases of Garmin devices disabling sensors when exiting the Xert workout player (as posted elsewhere on the forum), and that could have happened here.

If you reconnect, the timer should work ‘properly’ based on your power relative to target

Every time you stop pedaling during smart intervals the timing will go wacky.
Recovery segments will shorten considerably and work efforts will stretch out.
You need to be selective about which Smart workouts you do outdoors.
Iron Man in particular would require long stretches of flat road if not riding it on your smart trainer in resistance mode as suggested.

Isn’t is so that the wattage can be adapted depending on the wattages in the previous workoutstep? The duration will not change. Am I wrong?

It depends on the interval type defined in the workout –

Smart Intervals in Xert can have one or more of these meanings:

1. A smart interval can have specific power targets calculated for each athlete based on their Fitness Signature
2. A smart interval can have dynamic interval duration,
3. A smart interval can have dynamic power during the interval.