Workout: only for a indoor smart trainer?

In the proposed workoputs perhaps there is in the name the word ‘Smart’ (pe. ‘Smart song 2’) Does this mean that this a workout for the indoor smart trainer and not to be ride outside?

No, more that the interval intensity or duration is ‘Smart’. You can also ride them outside.

Smart duration means you do the interval until MPA reaches a certain point… so if you go too hard on a work interval it will shorten duration, and if you don’t go hard enough it will lengthen it. The opposite is true for recovery i.e. if you go too hard in recovery, the interval will extend until your MPA rises to the target level.

Smart intensity is linked to your own personal signature e.g. using XSSR (which is based on MPA at all points in time), or LTP.

More info here…

Than something is not working as it should be…
The highest (the most difficult) intervals: the countdown time is the double than it should be (1second = 2 seconds when you ride). Abobe or under the target interval: the same problem persists.

is the app picking up the power from your powermeter? i know the maximum rate of slow down is two to one, which is what you are seeing, so maybe it’s not reading power at all?
Otherwise, may be time to check with support directly?