Workout on iPad not uploading

Twice the last month I have done an indoor workout with the Xert EBC app on iPad and clicked save, but then the activity never shows up in my activity feed.

The first time I thought I was so wrecked that I must have pressed the wrong button, but yesterday I am 100% sure I pressed “Save”.

Any idea what i going on here? Any way to recover the power data? I have added the activities manually to get the XSS registered, but it would be better to have the actual data there.

This does not happen every time, I have recorded multiple other workouts with no issue.

Same here, the last 2 workouts aren’t upload on my iPhone

If your iOS device didn’t have a network connection when the activity was saved, the upload may have failed. Can you try swiping down from the activities page? This will force the app to re-upload any activities stored locally on the device.

Send a note to support if you’re still having troubles! Cheers!

I tried this many times this week, but it didn’t work. Today I make a iOS update and both workouts where uploaded. I don’t know why, but it works :slight_smile:

Thank You

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