Workout not loading into player on Garmin

I have a custom workout (modified from one of your existing workouts) that shows up fine in the web interface but every time I try to load it into my Garmin, the app locks up with the exclamation point error. I then have to log out of the app to even get it to connect again. The workout is in my personal workouts on my account and is called “SMART - No Time To Cry (KG)” can you take a look at it and see why it won’t load? Thanks in advance!

Can you please provide the URL to the workout? Does the regular SMART - No Time To Cry load ok?

Yes, the regular workout does load fine. I made a copy of the workout and then added one quantity to each interval and saved it. The resulting workout causes the issue. It is at this url:

Thanks for taking a look!

Which Edge are you using? Looks like it may be running out of memory to process your workout. If you change the last 3 sets from 3 repeats to 1 repeat, it will load.

Thanks, I will give that a try - it’s the Edge 520. I have the 820 as well but frankly the Xert swipe interface for power adjustments is far too hard to operate with sweaty hands and oxygen deprivation than the real/simple button pressing of the 520 so I use it for Xert workouts.