Workout: Mapdec - Sessions questions


So where do I get a link to the Zoom meeting? and what is Mapdec?

Aside from turning the player on, will I need to do anything else for the session?

How does this supposed to connect with my sensors and trainer?


Here’s the details on joining Sessions or creating your own –
Starter Guide: Xert Sessions – Xert (

The Xert phone app connects to your sensors as normal and when the session you joined is within 2 hours of start time it appears automatically on the app.
If you are using an Android phone you’ll want to install Xert EBC from Google Play to access Sessions, not Xert Mobile.

Mapdec sessions are hosted by: Kendal Bicycle Workshop, Indoor Cycling Studio, Fitness and more (

The Zoom meeting link (if enabled for a session) is the video camera icon below the workout name description. See: Xert - Sessions (

I also suggest you try an Academy 101 session if your schedule permits.
Have fun. :slight_smile:


Thanx!! :pray::heartbeat:

Yes! Join us Thursday at 1:00pm EST (7:00 CET) for a Mastering Xert 101 session! :slight_smile:

Am planning to if work doesn’t get in the way, but isn’t that session on Thursday? :smiley:

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Mapdec is the name of our Coaching Studio. The name is a long story from old adventure racing days.
The zoom meeting will appear in the big black space of that workout player. We usually go live about 10 mins before the class starts. Your smart phone app will control the turbo trainer.
Any questions, search us out on facebook.