Workout Lists

Is there a way to add sequential lists of workouts to Xert, to ride one after another? I currently have to search every ride. I need the lists to motivate me to get on the bike and pedal.

You can add it in the planner.

That just appears to be a calendar, which is not what I need. Committing to specific days/regular schedules is not something that works for me.

Do you mean ride one workout immediately after another to increase total duration?
Please provide an example of how you would use this and why.

Okay, but the next scheduled workout will actually be shown under Traning as “Next Workout”. You can of course do it at a different time.

A list of workouts, so that I can hit the next sequential workout whenever I want to pedal. That’s what motivates me to work - knowing what I’m going to be presented with independent of any artificial calendar limitations. I choose when I do it. I know how I feel. I know my dynamic competing commitments. For me, a calendar just introduces unwanted pressure to something that’s supposed to be fun, after all.

So like a favorite list? Or a todo list?

I guess so - a sequential “To Be Done Next”.
Nothing fancy.
At the moment I have to search manually before the start of each ride.

No need to search or filter unless you want to.

  1. Visit
  2. Select Training tab.
  3. Select Play Now on any of the top four entries. Or Suggest which picks one for you.
  4. Run EBC on your phone. Your selection will be queued and ready to Start.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 when ready to train again.

Sequential logic and workout suitability is determined by your Goals settings and calculated form for the day.

I do not think that is supported. But you can just create a document on your computer with the URLs to the workouts you want to do (sorted by the order you want to perform them).

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Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what I need for personal motivation. But thanks very much for taking the time to try and help. Cheers.

Thanks for confirming what I’d started to realise.
I plan to edit my planned workouts so that their names are sequential and thus both known in advance and quickly and easily selected. Hey ho.