Workout indoor

Great in Xert is that, when performing a workout, the workout step is adjusted while you’re driving according to your own condition.
How can you make use of this great mechanism when performing a workout indoors? I ride a Tacx neo. I have an Edge 1030.
Where can I find the solution? Please have a solution without the need to have Zwift.

I think this might be what you are looking for:

I use a Tacx Flux with a Garmin Edge 830 with the “Option A) Smart trainer only” and it works fine.

I really enjoy the indoor Xert workouts while watching TV Shows :wink:
No Zwift or anything bike software related required apart from Trainer, Edge and a Mobile Phone with Garmin Connect Mobile to get the current selected workout synced from the web to the Edge. The sync is done automatically so the phone just has to be there for the connection and sometimes I use the remote player ( in the phone browser to see the progress of the training but that’s optional.

Hope this helps and good luck

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It doesn’t work with me. I can select the workout, I feel the resistance when I’m on the trainer but I don’t see (neither on the screen remote player, neither on the garmin device) the power I produce … What is going wrong?

The simplest solution is Xert Mobile on your phone paired to your trainer.
If that isn’t working file a support request with