Workout Incorrect Rating

Xata was advising me to do a 1 diamond workout yesterday as it said I was tired. The 1st recommendation in my list was DIARY OF JANE - 60 which at a diamond rating of 1.5 was fine as it was nice and easy or so I thought.

It was only after doing the workout that I felt it was actually a pretty tough workout and didn’t feel like a 1.5 diamond and was not really the workout that I should have done.

I decided to take a look at the workout and it actually says its a 2 diamond workout and not a 1.5 and that it’s a moderately difficult workout.

I just wanted to raise it so that it can be fixed thanks. You can see the incorrect diamonds on the 2 images. These are todays recommended workouts. Again it’s advising a 1 diamond workout as I’m still tired. Probably even more so after yesterdays workout :joy:

You are correct in that the discrepancy should be fixed but in reality the star system is rather subjective. Maybe you were just too tired and it felt much harder to you than it might have to someone fresher.

PS are you the same George Anderson who I have just been communicating with on the FulGaz users group on FB?

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Hi John,

It is indeed me from the FulGaz users group on FB. Yes, I probably was feeling it more as I was not feeling too fresh. Xata was saying that I was tired.

The difficulty rating of the workout is 52 which only just makes it a 2 star rating. 1.5 stars goes all the way up to difficulty rating of 49.9, so there can be a very small difference between 1.5 and 2 stars.

My guess is that the recommended workout list isn’t correctly recalculating the difficulty of the workout based on your fitness signature, whereas the actual workout page is.



Thanks Mike

Hi George,

Thats one of my personal workouts (for now) that will eventually migrate into the main library, along with other 2 diamond difficulty endurance workouts. What did you think of it?

Remember that if XATA recommends a 1 diamond difficulty workout, it won’t always recommend only 1 diamond workouts simply because we don’t have many workouts that have a difficulty that low, short of the active recovery rides. You’ll still usually be recommended a workout with a low score, and usually a 2 diamond workout isn’t too bad. I’ll check and see if the difficulty calculations used different parts of the site are using the same calculations.

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Xert changed workouts to show diamonds instead of stars so you are less likely to confuse training status/form (stars) with workout difficulty rating (diamonds).
The former indicates your current training load (stars) and calculated form (color) while the latter reflects the intensity of the workout (diamonds).
It’s possible for a variety of workouts to be suggested while training load is at X stars.
More diamonds for workouts means more difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t complete the workout at your current fitness level. This is similar to selecting a BT workout or riding the hardness tests in progression. Or think of it as an easy day versus a hard day. You ride both.
You can always adjust the feedback scale if you feel more/less tired/fresh. Or adjust the intensity of the workout if fatigue sets in and you aren’t able to complete all intervals at 100%.
You can also take a rest day. :slight_smile: I do that randomly and find that makes a big difference on how fresh I feel for the next workout.

I thought the workout was great Scott.

Hi Scott.

What I meant was that the workout shows as 1.5 on the list of recommended workouts but if you look into the workout it’s actually a 2.