Workout help?

Can anyone help me please? i have signed up for the free trial, i have made a workout, i have saved the workout, how do i then find the workout on the app in order to do the workout ?

this should be so simple i must be missing something

Which app are you using? iOS, Android or Garmin?

Easiest would probably be to workout filter on the website or app and select “personal” only. That will show only your own created workouts in the list. Select the one you want and it will show up in the training app.

As @RideBert mentions there is a filter option to choose Personal within the phone apps (iOS or Android) as well as XO (Xert online).
When you select a workout in XO that will appear at the top of the recommended list when you start the phone app or download to the Garmin app when the Connect IQ app is run.

There are a number of newbie tips posted in this thread –
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If you fill out the 11 pt questionnaire that will give us the background info we need to best answer your questions.