Workout filter, problem

Hi every one. I’m Mac OSX on a MacPro (old), w/ Firefox browser. In a Workout section, isn’t possible search, ie for name, a workout and have a results. Ie: if i write ‘puncheur’ or ‘espresso’ or ‘free ride’, the result not offer anything. Is only my problem or other ‘Xerter’ have same bug ? Thanks so much, good week-end and have a good ride !
Corrado, Italy.

Not sure about OSX/Firefox but on Win10 I have to hit [Enter] after typing the text string in the search box or click on the mag lens icon.
Or select Filter on right side, fill out the form, and Apply Filter.

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Hi Ridge, and thanks for suggestion.
I have tried: not work w/ the two tips you have write w/ Firefox… but…
The problem is the browser ! I have open Google Chrome, go in the workout page, search and this go perfectly ! I write and obtain the match word result. So, the guilty, in my case, is Firefox (last version for MacOSX El Capitan).
Thanks so much and have a good evenng, br.
Corrado, Italy