Workout Export To Zwift (.zwo)

Would be very helpful, if you would include the export to Zwift file format.

At the moment, you can use various available tools to convert our ERG/TCX formats to ZWO. Many of our users prefer use our native players together with the Remote Player when in Zwift. You may want to consider this option.

Various tools: Really? Tried to google it, but found only some complex geek stuff. Any hint or link to a simple tool?

Perhaps one of the users that has done some testing and evaluation might be able to offer some assistance. You may also try and ask the Facebook users group as there are a few more user interactions and user support offered there.

“Unfortunately” I don’t have Facebook.

We’re working on an iOS app that should become available shortly. You can perhaps look to perform workouts on that, if you are unable to use our Android or Garmin apps. Recognize that many of our SMART workouts can’t be represented in other workout formats as the player would need to calculate the desired intensity and duration on-the-fly. It’s best to use our players.

Will give it a try. Xert Player (Android) as “master” (Ergmode via ANT+ USB OTG), Edge als “slave” (for additional metrics like left/right balance) and Zwift (for multimedia).

Xert Mobile for Android will display left and right power individually. Tap and hold a cell and you’ll see them.

I use Zwift for something to look at while I’m training. I use a Cycleops Magnus trainer. My Garmin 820 for my actual Xert workout to control the trainer. I use my laptop with Zwift. I have Zwift set to pick up all my sensors except the trainer. I find this works really well.