workout designer - suggestion

it would be nice have “+/-” buttons in the editor to adjust the workout.

For example, say I wanted to modify ‘Higher Ground 3’ into a new ‘Higher Ground 2.75’ which would sit between the 2.5 and 3 versions of that workout. I could just remove 5 XSS to each step and …voila!. Right now I would need to manually modify over 30 fields to achieve this new modify version.

Figured out I can export to .erg modify it there and load it in TrainerRoad

Great idea! Might be a bit tricky though in some instances where Target MPA is used. Incrementing/decrementing an MMP target might also be a bit tricky too. We could definitely use something like this when we design workouts! However, one thing we’d like to move towards is to avoid having users create their own workouts. Our workouts can be designed such that they can be used by anyone and where the intent of the workout can be more universally applied (something %FTP-based workouts cannot do). Eliminating the need for you to create your own workout would be the end goal. Hence, the workout designer will be used less and less over time.

I understand your point if you don’t want to put resources on the workout designer. Still, having the ability to adjust the overall difficulty of a workout with a knob is useful. Some days are just better than others and doing ± few % can change a lot I have found.

How about having it in the workout player?

yeah, even a better place. Currently, if I change the difficulty it only affects the current “lap” it’d be nice if the setting would be sticky all workout long