Workout Design Challenge

Create a 60 minute workout with the most Low Strain XSS with a Difficulty of no more than 2.5 stars. Must have at least a 10 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. Bonus points for creativity. Submit before end of day Friday. Prize for the winner.

Join the Shared Workout Community here:

And submit your entry by adding “SHAREME” in the description of your workout and saving it.


I think the warm up and cool down should be fixed and same for everyone. Otherwise there is a lot left to interpretation of what qualifies as a warm up and/or cool down.


Let’s say that the warm up / cool down can’t exceed 90% of LTP.

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I vote for making the warmup a fixed 10 minutes at 90% LTP and the warmdown a fixed 5 minutes at 90% LTP, leaving a 45 minute slot to do the ‘work’.


Off-topic note on the workout editor - I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone to delete an interval and by accident I’ve deleted the whole workout! That delete button probably needs a confirmation message.


It does ask you to confirm but I do think it could be clearer.

Trying to find a similar workout for this challenge has highlighted just how difficult searching for workouts is. Better filters are needed, especially since the number of workouts is increasing.


There’s a small bug/rounding error which results in a discrepancy between the rating within the workout editor and the list of workouts.

Probably not a great problem in normal use, but when you’re trying to get every last bit of strain with a 2.5 star rating, it can make all the difference…


Yes, me too! many times

Thanks for pointing that out. It isn’t material since all the calcs are based on the underlying difficulty score and not the number of stars.

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What’s the best way of seeing these workouts, when I go to the coaching group and look at the workouts tab it is blank?

Shouldn’t happen. Check if you have something in the search box. Clear your cache otherwise.

Is there a way to edit or remove a previously shared workout?

Not directly. Just send support a note on which one you want deleted.

Nice workout you posted! I’ll have to try it.

Is yours the only one so far or an I just not finding the rest?

Ive added mine and applied for the linked group.

Oof! That first 10-minute MPA interval was tough. The rest was cake though, and a lot of low strain XSS for an hour workout. I might save this one for when I really need to make up some XSS.


I still have to try it. I am glad you liked it!

Announcing the Winner of the Workout Design Challenge!

It was a close race between @themagicspanner and @bp123, with honourable mention to @hezlava for his contributions. Both Mike and Peter pushed the envelope getting well over 90 low intensity XSS in just a one-hour workout. After careful review, the winning workout goes to Peter Balint! As you can see, both workouts that were submitted were very similar. Mike’s actually tipped just over 3 stars for our commonly used 1000, 20, 250 signature and was only just slightly ahead of Peter’s by 0.3 points. Checkout the links to each of their workouts:

Congrats to both of you for your efforts. Given how close it was, we’re going to be sending each of you a pair of Xert cycling socks. Yayyy!!! Kindly email the address you wish us to send them to.

Thanks to everyone for participating and your contributions. We’ll be publishing Peter’s workout to the standard workout library. Any suggestions on a good name for it?

Very cool that they both solved the equation in the same way.

(Please delete my shared workouts, I think they are too boring. :slight_smile: )