Workout Creator

I’ve created a workout with three 8 minute intervals (each containing a 4’, 3’ and 1’ interval within) and a recovery period between.

I’ve copied the four steps and there are issues with naming each interval. When I rename an interval so it doesn’t include (copy) and press ENTER, the name disappears, and the interval below will now have that name, along with the power, time, etc. from the interval above. It erases what was in the interval below the one being renamed.

I’ve noticed that after renaming the interval, I can click it’s power and the name will remain, but with the text box outline. Then, when I click on a different interval name, the aforementioned name will then disappear.

I’m using Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100, Windows 10 if that helps!

Thanks. This has been reported and it is on our list of issues to resolve.