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I have a questions for you concerning the workout creation feature on Xert.

  1. If I want to create a workout with only the slope as a resistance, is there a way to do it ? IE : I select the Slope in the interval and I can put the % I want, but it still want me to insert à wattage. I thought that the goal of a Slope resistance is that the % define the resistance and not the Wattage…

Or if I put IE : 100w at 5% slope, will it simulate 5% slope + 100W of resistance ?

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It is possible, but don’t you still want a power target that you’re aiming for?

The target will be 100 W, but the trainer would hold a 5% slope and it would be up to your gearing and cadence to reach the 100 W target.


It is possible, but don’t you still want a power target that you’re aiming for?

In fact for some training no. I want to mimic some kind of Wingate testing principle but in a training. So I want an other resistance to apply than watts. IE : I want to do an all-out effort of 30sec but I don’t want to spin out.

In that case, what would I need to do to create an interval with this kind of resistance in the workout creation section ?

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Slope % is typically defined for max effort intervals. Gears and cadence determine target compliance similar to riding outdoors. For example, a 5% climb could be ridden to variable watt targets based on what gear you are in and how hard you decide to go. Setting a target gives you something to aim for. In your case you want a max effort so 1-2 min MMP or %PP target could be used.
For example, SMART - Asking For It may do what you want. Or open the workout in Workout Designer, Copy, and modify it to meet your needs.
Keep in mind you can exceed a target when in slope mode so simply go as hard as you can for the 30 seconds.
If you monitor the CO gauge (Cadence Optimizer) on the Remote or Session Player you’ll know what your preferred cadence range is for the target watts. You’ll discover which gear works best during the first interval or warm-up opener.

Reference –

Thanks a lot ! It partially answer my question thought.

My questionning (and I’ll probably have to do some testing) is that can a slope % can be put in an interval without a fix wattage resistance ? I mean that when you create an interval and chose the slope %, you have also to put some kind of other resistance, weither it’s MMP, PP, absolute, etc. But I don’t want that.

What I mean is I want to replicate a real world 5% slope. So in the real world, the slope is not set at a fixed resistance other than it’s %The reason is I don’t want to be limited by the wattage target of this interval (IE : my PP is 1000 watts. If I put a 5% slope at 100% of my PP because I want an all-out sprint for 30 sec, I don’t want the resistance to be 100% of my PP for 30 sec. I simply want the resistance setting to be something other than watts.

You can experiment with the workout I linked to. Ride it and see what happens.
My guess is it will work AS IS since your goal is an all-out sprint for 30 seconds which is what that workout supports.
4% slope provides a steady level of resistance. Just like riding a 4% climb outdoors.
50% PP creates a target for the interval not a watt limitation. Whether you reach that figure or exceed it is totally up to you. Gears and cadence will determine what wattage you achieve.
An all-out effort will spike near PP then decline as you hang on for 30 seconds.
If the workout doesn’t do what you want, copy and edit it in Workout Designer. For example, change slope % up/down. You could also change the target but that really doesn’t matter since ERG control does not apply.
The key issue is getting into the right gear during the transition countdown before the 4% slope hits. Then jump up and go all out for 30 seconds.

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Try any of our “Virtual” workouts. They are mostly slope mode and you’ll need to change gears to reach the recommended power. But the power is only recommended. You can do them at any power you wish. The slope for each interval are essentially mimicking the terrain.

For example, we have a local gravel/off-road event in my area called Paris to Ancaster. I created a workout that mimicks what it feels in the race. Try it. It’s one of the better virtual rides we have:

There is also a Session you can do with it:

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oohhh awesome that sums it up ! I really though that the %PP would set it. Thank a lot !!!