Workout control with solo sessions?

In a solo session run on Xert EBC (iOS player in case it makes a difference), does anyone know if / how it’s possible to skip intervals (forward and back), like it is when running workouts? I understand why it’s disabled for group sessions, but unclear why I can’t use it for a solo session… I may be doing something wrong of course

I think logically it has to work that way since you could have made your session public when scheduled. The underlying functionality is the same as a group session other than viewing the stats box instead of a leaderboard.

I have an idea for creating “Xert World” if you’d like to hear it. :smiley:
It would rely on making your session private (the default) or public on-demand.
If private it could include support for skipping forward/back.


Is public / private distinction even needed for a solo workout? I thought solo would be private by definition… there is no sharing tab so don’t think anyone can join even if they wanted to? That is why I thought the skipping should work already

Curious what else would be in your Xert world?

Yes, solo session is private by definition but currently there is no logic being applied to have that session run differently on EBC other than no leaderboard. My guess is it would require an update to EBC to recognize the distinction and allow skip.

Xert World concept –
Any workout can be started as a private or public session at any time.
If private (the default) you pick from a list of BTW movies close to your workout duration and go.
If you tick the _Public option, your on-demand session becomes part of Xert World (XW).
Xert World is simply a list of all sessions currently in progress (spinners) or about to start within the next 15 minutes.
Any sessions close to your workout selection criteria are flagged in some manner or appear at top of the list.
XW listing includes the workout name and attributes with duration or minutes remaining if in progress.
If you select a session that is about to start it works just like Join works now. I.e. you can wait until start time or start immediately and warm-up in slope mode until Start time.
If you select a session in progress, a warm-up option appears which is user selectable as 0, 5, or 10 minutes. Whatever time you pick EBC merges you into that session during the next RIB interval.
Normally you’d be looking for a session with a workout close to what you want to ride but there could also be an option to scale difficulty if there is no suitable session at the moment. I.e., if only 3-4 diamond workouts are listed and you’re barely at 2 stars, intensity is lowered to match your status. That will change Focus for HI workouts, but that’s okay as the main goal is to join a group workout that is doable at your level. The listing could indicate what that change would be. When you join % intensity is adjusted accordingly which you can further tweak if you want.
The Session Player displays those riding the same workout as normal. Only difference is the leaderboard indicates which riders aren’t riding at 100% intensity. Or no distinction is made but those riders are excluded from group session report/badges earned.

Main point being you can jump on your bike at any time of the day and either join a session in progress (spinners) or one about to start. Or you start your own session on-demand and someone may join you when you tick the public option which adds your ride to the Xert World list.
Everyone is riding whenever they want with the option to ride solo/private, solo/public, or join a group session with one or more riders. You don’t have to be on-time to ride with others in a group. Or someone may join your public solo session while in progress. Even if no one does you’ve added your spinning icon to Xert World at large.

There could also be an option to jump out and cooldown. If the session is longer than you want to ride, simply jump out when you’re done and a cooldown is activated; user selectable as 5-10-15 minutes.

Along similar lines there could be a 24/7 virtual group session with an endurance level workout. Call it Continuous Lucy or Lucy in the Sky Forever. :slight_smile: This session is always listed. If you want to put in 45 minutes to X hours of twiddling along, join this always-running session at any time of the day. Jump in and out at your leisure. In this case the session would run a continuous stack of BTW videos one after another. The odds of watching the same video over time are minimal. Anyone putting in their endurance time will now have the option to join others if they’d like.
The Xert World concept could start with this 24/7 endurance session. The key element is it’s always running so you can jump in/out whenever you want for as long as you want.
There could be another 24/7 endurance workout session with a YT world news channel to watch.

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Some interesting ideas there for sure, and some would be easier than others.

Streamlining the selection of bike the world videos would be a good start (fairly clunky at the moment - I don’t normally use sessions but thought I’d try today), and your idea of suggesting based on duration make sense. You could add filters to either prioritise favorites, or exclude ones you’ve ridden before.

And re skipping intervals, given its there for workouts, it feels like it should be easy for sessions… but I’m no programmer and don’t know how things are set up behind the scenes