Workout can't be use in Zwift.

I don’t know what’s the problem, but from yesterday the new zwo file I put in the zwift folder does not show in zwift anymore…

Hi Ricky. Send a note to with screenshots of what you’re doing and a copy of the zwo file. Thanks.

Me too. Not sure if this is a Zwift problem. Copied workout over on pc but did not show up on ATV.

I had the same problem but I am sure it was a Zwift problem rather than a Xert one as I was using a zwo file I had pulled from somewhere else not Xert

Yup, me too. Xert workouts not populating in Zwift anymore.
Change occured with recent update.
ID folder is still the location for custom workouts. Zwift custom created workouts are still stored here, and are populating, just not Xert workouts.

Hi Roy. Can you send our support email or post a working zwo file? One the loads correctly? Thx

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It’s fixed, thanks everyone

Populating now. All good :+1: