Workout Cadence using EBC

I am using the EBC app off of my iphone with a laptop computer for workouts. Is there any penalty for going above or below the recommended cadence for the interval? It seemed to me that the desired power was moving about higher or lower when I was in the red or outside of the red instead of being in the green zone for cadence.
I was trying to keep some strain on my legs with a low cadence (65 rpm), but Xert was telling me to do 100 rpm cadence and I noticed I wasn’t at the desired power.

CO (cadence optimizer) is a combination torque analyzer and preference indicator.
The more you ride at your natural cadence at various power levels the more you’ll be in the green zone.
CO has no effect on power control over the trainer, but you will notice a difference in how well you can maintain target power at various rpm. Everyone has a sweet spot especially during high watt intervals.
What most find useful with CO is the fact the band moves to your preferred cadence range before the interval starts. You can spin up before a hard interval and avoid hitting a wall when that interval starts.

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