Workout Cadence Question

HI Armando, Enjoying all the new features and functionality, great work! Quick question regarding cadence. When I use the remote player during a workout it would appear from the dashboard there is a cadence range being recommended for each interval. How is this determined and can I see what this is before starting a workout? Also, is there any type of “machine learning” so over time the recommendation becomes specific to my own physiology? I’m sure this has been asked before but a quick browse through the forums didn’t reveal anything. Thanks in advance for the help.

Thanks! The cadence range depends on the target power and will move when the target power changes. The Garmin app learns your preferred cadence relationship as you pedal and make gear choices. The Android app does the same but more aggressively. The iOS app does not have this feature as of yet.

Makes sense, however, on the Garmin ConnectIQ app I don’t see the recommended range, only my actual cadence. It’s on the remote player where I find the cadence range being provided. But if I understand correctly, I should just spin normally and the system will adapt accordingly. On my workout today the green zone was in the mid 60’s on some of the intervals and that’s just not a rpm I ever ride at intentionally. Thanks again. Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 15

The range is internal. The slider on the right shows the optimal cadence the app determines. “Optimal” cadence is different than the cadence you should always pedal at. if you’re expecting to accelerate, spinning at a slightly higher cadence is better.