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Can someone explain the different settings for the IOS app and how you keep your Remote Player from going into sleep mode? Is there a tutorial somewhere about running it in tandem with Zwift?

Using The Xert App for iOS – Xert (

Don’t have a Mac but found this –
How to Stop Mac From Automatically Sleeping (
Looks like max setting is 3 hours but I doubt you’ll want to ride longer than that indoors. :slight_smile:

This article details all the various options with Zwift including ability to place Xert’s Remote Player (or Session Player) components around a window running Zwift. That may be more effort than you want to delve into :wink: but it is slick arrangement once setup.

The simplest method is to control your trainer with EBC on your iPhone via BLE connection and pair Zwift to your power meter via ANT+. This assumes you have ANT+ supported on your Mac. The workout runs on your phone while you ride whatever virtual world you’d like on Zwift.

Another option is to export a workout from Xert to ride on Zwift but this removes any SMART interval functions and isn’t recommend if you want the full benefits of training with Xert.

If you are mainly looking for a distraction while riding indoors you can also watch any Youtube video you’d like using the Session Player and setting up a solo session. That only takes about a minute or so once you learn the steps. Have your Youtube URL ready to paste, set the start time a few minutes from now, select your workout (same one you selected on Training page on XO), Save, Join Session, then start EBC on your phone, Train, and select the session shown. If you want to warm-up before start time, select Slope mode. The app will switch mode back to AUTO mode when session starts.
Your YT URLs can be cycling videos such as Bike the World series, race coverage, or anything you want to watch from Youtube.

Starter Guide: Xert Sessions – Xert (

Hey. Where do you find your XPMC?

Got my first fake through today, so now I’m trying to decipher that…

XPMC chart is under XO (, Progression tab. Note the Date dropdown on right to select date range. Now scroll below stats to see the XPMC chart. Note the dropdown options on right which also include Stress, Strain, and Signature charts.
You can enable/disable which graph lines are displayed in a chart by clicking on the keys below the chart (example, Recovery Load).
You can also zoom in/out on sections of the chart.

Various types of BTs are explained here (also see second reference link below) –
Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

When you have a BT you can view the activity’s details, click on Advanced MPA tab and the chart displays the activity with any signature adjustments applied. Select the Previous button at the bottom to view what occurred during that activity to trigger a BT adjustment.

Reference —
The Xert Progression Management Chart (XPMC) – Xert (

Fitness Improvement and Day-to-day Variation – Xert (