Work out not saved with Connect IQ Garmin 520

This morning I did a workout via the Connect IQ app on my Garmin 520. It asked me if I wanted to save my workout and I choose yes. But, the workout did not upload to Xert. What am I doing wrong?

Was it saved to Garmin Connect? Is it still on our device, by chance? If so, you can still upload it to Xert. If it’s not on your device or on GC, there could have been an issue generating the FIT from from the recording.

It wasn’t saved in Garmin Connect. I had the file on my Garmin as an activity but it was in no way identified as that xert workout. Just the data. That’s fine, I can do that, I just expected that when I hit save it would upload to xert. It has happened two or three times so I thought I would check to see if I was doing something wrong or this was a known issue.

Make sure your Gamin is connected to the internet, either through Wifi or Garmin Connect Mobile, to make sure the file is uploaded.

Ok, I’m pretty sure it was, but I will double check next time. Appreciate the help and will report back.