Windows Remote Desktop Workout Player stops mid workout

This seems to happen far too often that part way into a workout the Desktop Remote Workout player stops communicating. Sometimes everything stops sometimes for instance some data is communication but the time pointer is not moving etc.

There should be a way to reconnect? It certainly is frustrating to not have that work during a workout, though you can look at the actual functioning/ communicating player the point of the desktop is to be able to watch it on the big screen.

Is there a fix?

iOS, Android, or Connect IQ?
How stable is your Internet connection lately?

I am using Android as the controller and so far as I know my internet connection is stable but regardless, the issue is if it drops and the remote desktop player stops responding there is no reset to catch the program back on after it looses the connection and resume the workout based upon the actual workout player (regardless of which iOS, Garmin or Android).

So that is the problem if the Desktop remote player stops working there is no way to restart it. Not certain if other configurations have this problem but the Android player works no problem.

What happens when you refresh the browser? (F5)

Nada… even tried the back button the reload nothing, once it dies it is dead for all intents and purposes.

I experienced exactly this today, I had popped out the window for power and the chart and part way through I noticed the power was no longer updating but the chart was still working. I tried F5, reload, close all the windows and reopen the player but it made no difference and in fact if I run the remote player now the power monitor still looks the same.

Exactly, once the desktop player stops for any reason it an not be started again so you loose the graph and time updates and usually all of the data updates as well. So the power gauge, the timer, the chart at the bottom all stop. last evening some of the data section left most area still worked such as the average power for the segment and the XSS seemed to update still but otherwise it was dead. It would be nice if there was a way to get it to resync with the feed from the in my case Adroid player.

Thanks for the feedback. Do send us details and specifics to since we are actively working on these features. Try and be helpful in describing what you’re experiencing and how it happens to you so that we can look to address them. Sometimes things go wrong due to very specific things that you have going on that we’ll need to know in order to sort things out.

thanks Armando, I will send a note to support.