Will XSS be the about the same for the same route?

I tried to search for this but didn’t find it. If I ride a consistent route (like Alpe du Zwift, or the rail trail near my house) multiple times, will the XSS be similar, or does it change much based on how hard I went, assuming I end up covering the same distance and elevation change? Obviously wind resistance could change the overall exertion at higher speeds, but I’m thinking more of climbs (like the Alpe).

In other words, can I (given relatively constant weight) know that if I did a route and generated a certain level of XSS, can I repeat it if I want to hit that same target, even if I might be going for a different level of difficulty?


My understanding is that XSS is the stress accumulated during the workout.

So, same loop, different intensities = different XSS.

Bingo! The exact same course can have dramatically different Focus and XSS values, depending on the course is ridden.

However the reverse also applies. If you do a route several times at roughly the same effort then you will get roughly the same XSS

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