Why my raccomended workout is Recovery?

In my last three days i had complete recovery or easy ride but the raccomended workout don’t change

Check your Training Load (TL) and Form. If TL is still low and Form is low, you’ll see Recovery. As your Training Load increases, your ability to do workouts and recover sooner is improved.


I had a similar issue a while back… I’m not 100% sure if this was the actual problem or a coincidence, but clearing my browsing history and cache, seemed to fix it. I use the chrome browser.

So my Recommended Workout is Recovery but my Selected workout is “Hardness Test - Level 04” which I did yesterday. What should I be doing today? Which workout will be chosen on my Xert Training App on my Garmin today or is is a day off?

I think recommended and selected workouts are separate things. “Selected” is this one which is loaded (or be loaded) to your garmin/app/remote player and it can be anything you chosen from the workouts tab, while “recommended” workout is one you SHOULD choose depending on your form, fatigue and scheduled peak (target event date). You can still do recovery ride when xert suggest endurance or something harder or make intervals when it suggest recovery.

Xert doesn’t select workouts for you at this time. You select your own and the app will play it when it runs. The default is the Level 4 Hardness Test.

Ok, I thought it was selecting a workout based on your chosen specialty and generating a plan from that. Thanks for the clarification.

That capability is definitely in our cross-hairs. It isn’t easily but we have all the components. Once we get our prediction piece done and then the potential piece, optimizing your training for you to hit your highest potential, for your athlete type, within your training constraints and in the context of your predicted daily form, is what will eventually allow us to choose the training for you.