Why isn't activities from Strava/Garmin wo powermeter saved

I do other training without powermeter like outdoor cycling during winter, skiing and weight training. These are recorded with my Garmin device . The activity is transfered to Xert, but the time duration is not or the recorded pulse.
COuldn’t atleast the activity time be transfered to Xert? Now I have to manually transfer this data and calculate XSS.

Thomas, we’ll have to investgate the issue you are having. Please send an email to support@xertonline.com and provide as many details as possible. Thank you.

I’m seeing something similar

I do not always ride a bike with a power meter (winter outside rides or sometimes mtn bike rides) do these rides do not add to the activities? It doesn’t seem to calculate those rides into the power figures. Understanding that power was not recorded on the ride but it doesn’t change the existing data. Is this by design, just wondering because not everyone rides all the time with a power meter.

Checkout our FAQ on adding data for your non-power meter rides.