Why is Remote Player not working?

Currently sitting on bike doing Comfortably Numb on iOS and Remote is not showing data. Tried different browsers, refreshing etc. Nothing. It’s dead. Why?

Hard to say. If xertonline is up, remote player is there to show data coming in.

Please send an email to support if it happens again. We can look to troubleshoot.

So have I got this right? The workout loaded into my Garmin controls the resistance on my trainer while transmitting my efforts via Bluetooth and the Garmin Connect App on my smartphone over the internet to your servers which display this effort back to the Remote Player on the PC in front of me?

Is this why there is a big delay and Remote Player freezes all the time?

Which Garmin unit are you using?

Hi Armando,
Recently my workout stopped at very last one SECOND. I have Tacx Neo, Garmin Edge 520, Windows 10 and remote player. It has happened a few times. I have reloaded the Xert player on Edge 520. Also, remote player paused quite often. Power dropped down to zero a few times. Not sure it is something to do with Neo’s latest firmware.

Sometimes drop-outs are due to wifi/ant+ interference. Garmin’s are quite sensitive to this for some reason. Move to different wifi channels or moving to 5Ghz appears to resolve the issues.

Hi all,
I experienced the same kind of issue yesterday. My Garmin 1030 rebooted twice during my WO. It was set as the main controlling unit overlaid to Zwift. I didn’t lose any data because I kept pedaling on Zwift. After the first unit crash, I was not able to re-synchronized the two players (web or iOS) and was forced to start from the beginning (not too bad because it was a 2x20min). So, is there a way to re-synchronize the complete set-up?

If you get issues with the Garmin rebooting or doing something strange during a workout, send a note to support@xertonline.com. We’ll connect with Garmin support and look to try and resolve the issue. These issues are most often Garmin firmware issues that they should be aware of and will look to resolve.

Thank you for your response Armando. Ok will do. Doing some remote player testing this morning, I realize that we can use one of both remote player (iOS or Garmin) with the web remote player. I started a WO with the Garmin unit with the web RP, and then started the iOS RP with the result of overriding the web RP over the Garmin. Am I right concluding this?
Thanks again

Yes. That will create conflict for sure and have seen it slow things down, even after one is closed.