Why is my training status & form one color on the main page and another in the "planner"?

As the headline says, why is my training status & form one color on the main page and another in the “planner”?

If you have the time id recommend watching the “Mastering Xert” video’s as it explains all of this.

Do you remember which video and around which time they adress this?

Unfortunately not. There’s 9 of them and they’re all of benefit. If you watch them all you’ll have a thorough understanding of xert.


See: Training pacer makes no since? - #2 by ridgerider2

Hmm, i can only find general info about the training pacer and the form colors (which i understand), but nothing about why the colors on my “stars” are different on the main page and on the same day in the “planner”?

The Planner shows the Training Status/Advice as of time shown under Goals which defaults to 11:59pm for end of day.
If you happen to populate the Planner with a workout/ride and define the expected time for that activity, such as 8:30am, then the color will reflect predicted form as of that time.

Something else to consider – If you leave XO up on your laptop all day long (like I do), it’s a good idea to refresh the page since form is being calculated hour by hour and may have changed since the last time you viewed the site.

Reference –
Training Advice/Status As Of – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Okok so my Training Status & Form on the main page is my current one, and in the planner its the time ive set under “goals”.

Do you know if there is some way to set the training advice time to be based on the current time automatically? So that i can just log in and se what workout is recommended right now, without having to change the time automatically?

That is how it works already.
When you visit the Training page at Xert - My Fitness (xertonline.com) XATA reflects guidance as of right now.
If you open up today on the Planner instead, the advice changes to the As Of time shown at top, but if you change that time to current time the advice will match the Training page.

Some use the Planner to plan a week in advance or play what-if scenarios, or to check predicted form in the near future, but there is no need to reference the Planner if you ride day to day (like I do) and simply want advice as of now. For that the Training page provides what you need.

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Ah okok i see. Thanks alot!