Why dosent XSS update immediately after a workout?

Yesterday i had about 360 xss deficit, did a workout for 80 xss, but it was still at 360 the rest of the day. But today my xss is about 280 deficit. Last time i used xert consistently (about 6 months ago) i seem to recall that xss updated after every ride?

I have my Training Status/Advice as of det to 05.00 AM.

If your Training Status time is set to 5:00am then any XSS performed after 5:00am today will be reflected in tomorrow morning’s XSS surplus/deficit. Hope this helps!

But a couple of months ago the xss updated immediately after a workout. I sure of it. Have you changed this then, and why?

XSS surplus/deficit used to change 24/7 (which was confusing to many users when their surplus suddenly switched to a big deficit in the middle of the day).

To simplify things, we only display that surplus/deficit at one point in time each day (the as of time).

If you’d rather see where you are at the end of the day (which would change the surplus/deficit after you ride), then I recommend switching the As Of time to 11:59pm. Then the Surplus/Deficit will change as you’re describing. HTH

Ok ill try that out, thanks!

If you are carrying a large deficit day to day and not pushing the needle back up with longer weekend rides, you should consider dialing down IR. You’ll see an immediate difference in pacer needle position and deficit/surplus calculation. You can always crank it back up when you have more hours to train.