Why don't I get a break through badge?

So some context. I took a month off. I reset my decay to optimal. I wanted to kind of start all over again. This should be a break through. I didn’t get one. ???

It’s probably too much of a breakthrough, that happens sometimes. You could try setting to no decay or small decay and lock an activity before the month off to recalculate from there and see if that helps.

Thank you for the tip.

Maybe I’m too nosy :wink:
Did it work? Did you get your well deserved breakthrough?
It’s probably best to do another breakthrough attempt in a week or so to really dial in/finetune the new signature.

No. Not that I know of. I reset my decay. I think my threshold now is at a better level. I was pretty tired after that work out. I needed 2 days to recover and work got in the way.


Hi @jeff51 ,

Feel free to reach out to support if you want any assistance with correcting/validating your signature!