why does xert keep telling me to train when I'm over-trained?

Hi Scott. Looks like you may have a few errors in your power data. Could you kindly send a note to support@xertonline.com so that we can look at your data and work with you to correct it? Thank you.

Looks like you have been able to sort out your data errors. You may also want to consider flagging any breakthroughs that could potentially be outliers (I think there might be one in February). Spending extended periods in yellow Training Status is a sign that you’re heading for overtraining. You should be doing easier LTP intensity rides when your status is yellow to give your high and peak intensity systems a chance to recover for the next high intensity workout. It’s ok to break the rule every so often, but keep your eyes open to avoid overtraining. You may want to reduce your Freshness Feedback and bring Improvement Rate down to Taper for a week or more.