Why does my recovery load jump around

anyone know what is going on in my xpmc signature? see dates jan 26th, feb 15th (when I did 2 activities), and feb 18th.

it’s strange that my recovery load should jump down on feb 15th when i did two activities… if anything, I would think that two activities should make my recovery load jump upwards??

i’m also confused when I look at my fitness planner, I see the activity that I just did in the planner but it says i have 2.5 blue stars… and i can click on the day and XATA thinks I could do another activity based on a status of fresh.
But when i compare that to XATA as it says in Xert My fitness, it says i’m 2.5 red stars, and XATA warns me that i’m overdoing it and should take a recovery week…

I wonder if it has something to do with the fitness planner “usual activity time” I have no idea what I should set that to? I’ve tried to mess around with this stupid setting… and i’m getting inconsistent results…

also… looking at february 18th… form… how can it be going along at “yellow status” then have the form suddenly drop down and be blue? isn’t blue supposed to be fresh while yellow is tired? but i thought a higher value form should represent fresh


Hi Isaac,

You ask a lot of good questions. I appreciate the curiosity… The ‘jumpiness’ of this chart is due to the fact that Strain (and recovery load) are applied discreetly to the PMC at the start of your activities. In reality, your training load, recovery load (and therefore form) should be updated every second, even while in-ride. Not something that we have the capability of doing right at this second, but perhaps something to explore moving into the future.

Perhaps you’re misinterpretting the Recovery Load and Form lines? After the activites on Feb 15th, your recovery load increases (higher recovery load = mopre recovery needed), and your form decreased (lower form = more fatigue).

I think there’s a separate thread on this, but in short the planner is looking at your form at exactly the Usual Activity Time, while the main Xert dashboard is displaying your form right now.

Using traditional models, you would be 100% correct, since they only model fitness across ONE dimension. Since we track your freshness and fitness across THREE dimensions (low, high, and peak -though we summarize them into 1 number to make it easier to conceptualize). The coloring on the stars gives info on how your freshness is looking across those multiple dimensions. The reason that your form can decrease (more tired), but go from yellow to blue is that you’re high/peak systems are now recovered, while your low system isn’t fatigued to the point of going into red form. Check out our FAQ on freshness and fitness to learn more about that.

Hi again Scott,
Really awesome that you can address my questions so specifically! I’m a biochemist phd student… i enjoy all science and I really sense the math/science that goes into Xert. I won’t use something that I don’t understand! I listened to a couple podcasts from you guys now… was it you that just hit a milestone in the phd program? Well congrats to whoever it was!

I would say that it looks to me like the form does go down during the space between the 15th and the 16th… BUT to be more specific about what i’m talking about: as far as i can tell, for the 15th I see a vertical line, the form line goes horizontal from the 13th all the way to the 15th. It then takes a hard 90 degree left hand turn upwards and goes vertical. Then the form line takes a roughly 140 degree right hand turn to go downwards again towards the 16th.

Appreciate your explanation about the training status… the descriptions didn’t make a lot of sense to me regarding " Blue – Overall Form > -0.4 of Training Load AND High + Peak Form > 0" but now I see completely clearly how that is the case!


So on this note about XATA… it wants to recomend i do 159XSS today… based on my recent activities i performed on fridays… Friday has generally been my rest day… in fact I did do a hard workout on friday 3 weeks ago because I had to move my saturday to friday… but is one workout 3 weeks ago really tricking XATA into suggesting something so high stress when my high stress day is usually saturday?

Thanks Isaac. I actually did my BSc in Biochemistry! Working on my MSc in Kinesiology now…that was me that passed a milestone in my program that we briefly discussed in the podcasts late last summer. Getting close to having all my data collected, so will be prepping for the analysis and defense soon!

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Some, something special to note here…your actual deficit is only 49 XSS. If youwant, you can do 159XSS, which gives you a 110 XSS surplus. Otherwise, you could take today off (or just do around 50 XSS today) and get the rest of that XSS tomorrow (your usual big day).