Who are these people who Xert is comparing me to?

I know I’m not a great rider, but putting my in the bottom 10% of “population”, I’d like to know who this population is :slight_smile:

Hi Paul. Check the top right of the page to modify the population stats. You’re being compared to all the other Xert users over the period selected.

Ahhh, Xert users, I can sleep happy now, I thought it was some “general population”, I don’t mind being in the bottom 10% or Xert users :slight_smile:

Is it possible to see what the size of the population is when you make a selection?

We look the same age roughly, so that’s two of us in masters :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the size of the data sample. If there are 50 users or more, probably pretty good stat. If there are 5 users, not very helpful. I race in the 75 to dead group, so there probably isn’t a very large sample for comparison.

Wow, I wished I looked as good as you, I’m at least 25 years younger too :pleading_face:

I guess we aren’t going to get a response from Armando. Maybe they don’t monitor a thread once it is started.

Hi guys, we don’t share details on the size of the user base, but the sample size is sufficiently large. Remember that athletes on Xert (of all ages) are typically the type of athletes looking to maximize on any marginal gains they can find, and are not likely representative of ALL cyclists of your age. HTH

And the odd useless sod with an FTP of 170 like me :joy::joy:

You must be a Match Sprinter :wink: