Which Fitness Test?

Hello everyone!

I want to do a Xert Fitness Test on an Indoor Bike and found several versions. I am not very experienced.

Can anyone give me an advice which Fitness Test is the best choice for me?

Try the original one first as it is the shortest (30 min) and demonstrates the principal –
(2) Xert - Workout Details (xertonline.com)

Ride it in slope mode, exceeding targets when able (without blowing up), then spin up and go all out during the final interval right before you are about to fail (wherever you start to fail).
For best results you want to go purple on EBC and hold it as long as you can (5-7 secs minimum).

Have fun. :thinking:

Try other BT workouts over time and you’ll discover a favorite or two.
The first time you may not achieve what you intended (giving it your all), but with practice you’ll know what to do next time. :wink:

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