Which athlete type

Hi I’m pretty new to xert for planning training. I want to improve my 5hr power for a 110 mile TT. But I could also do with raising my threshold to get to a 5hr pace. Should I be selecting the endurance plan or the TT plan. To help with this.

The athlete type with the longest Focus Duration would suit you best - it’s called ‘Triathlete’ (in reference to the needs of an Ironman distance event, for example). Because of the length of your event you want to develop your Lower Threshold Power (LTP) to be as high as possible. So you want a high Threshold Power (TP) and low High Intensity Energy (HIE). You want to turn your body into a fat-burning machine rather than a carb-burning machine…

Ok thanks. I have it set on triathlete. I have just done an ironman. But doing a relay next year and I have the bike leg