Where do I find numbers for my color scheme/zones?

Your current signature in colors translated to numbers?

I would like to see my current values for the different power scheme colors. I have googled and searched, and the only way to see this is to do the math manually yourself. I realize that my signature is the important stuff and that I could just follow the xata, focus and so on. Still, I would like to know and perhaps also being able to easily see current Xert zones and perhaps compare changes over time. Below the only real guidance that I could find: https://www.facebook.com/groups/XertUsers/permalink/2404528363094633/

● Blue - Well below threshold
● Green - Just below threshold
● Yellow - Just above threshold
● Orange - 180s or less until exhaustion
● Red - 30s or less until exhaustion
● Purple - Above MPA

I think this is what you are looking for…


  • Blue: < LTP
  • Green: LTP … TP
  • Yellow: TP … MMP (180s)
  • Orange: MMP (180s) … MMP (30s)
  • Red: MMP (30s) … PP
  • Purple: > PP (breakthrough!)

Thanks, true, I still would like to have that calculated with numbers in a view :slight_smile: or at least clearly explained in the FAQ/Help.
I did get a great response from support where they state that they will update FAQ as soon as possible after all the ongoing UI updates they are working with