Where are the sessions hiding?

There doesn’t seem to be many sessions happening, and when I do join one I can’t see any fellow Xerters. It’s a shame because I think this would be an awesome feature.

Are there any private sessions happening for clubs perhaps that I need to get in on, or is it just not that popular at the moment?

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Sessions will pickup as indoor season kicks off for us Northern hemispherians. :slight_smile:
Novemberish to April are the busier months.
The ones marked public are listed while others are private clubs or coaching groups.
Example: Redirecting...

In the meantime you can use Sessions solo if you haven’t been doing that already.
Solo sessions? - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)


Sessions are starting to ramp back up in the next couple of weeks! There are many smaller groups that are creating their own group sessions for their small Xert communities (Clubs, Teams & Squads).

Mapdec has a couple free public sessions coming up in the next week or so: Mapdec Sessions

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I’ll start making some of my Tuesday sessions public. If the time works for you, feel free to join! They’re open to all Xerters!

Session details HERE

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Sessions are on tonight (Uk) Please make sure to authorise audio on your web browser, and to only have 1 session open. Tonight’s ride is just a bit of fun so you can all see how sessions work.

Awesome session, Paul! Love the instructions and guidance you provide during the workout.

Thank you for joining us. Next session is tomorrow then a short beak for our refit. Back soon.

this was asked in past but is there any plans to record the sessions or find a way for people in time zones that are not compatible with the current scheduled sessions. It would be nice if you could somehow replay a session.

If you copy a session that’s posted, it’s automatically set as a solo session and you can reschedule the session for a date/time that works for you. The other details (workout, YT video, etc.) are all copied from the original session! Cheers!

that is interesting, but I what I was looking for was a video replay we could sync with the workout so we could hear the guidance etc.

We record our sessions and make them available to our members

do you have a Xert only or Xert + coaching option in your memberships?