When Xert data updates on Hammerhead Karoo 2?

My apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn’t find the answer in other threads.

What step(s) do I need to take to get Xert data fields updated on the Hammerhead Karoo 2? Let’s say my Fitness Signature updates on the site and I have new data impacting MPA and/or XSS calculations. What must I do for the Karoo 2 to update to the new metrics?

For example, is turning on the device while connected to wifi sufficient? Or must I open the EBC app on the K2 for it to sync?


I believe once you link your Xert account on the Karoo Dashboard a signature sync to XO occurs whether you run XERT data fields or EBC app.
As long as an Internet connection is available when you start a ride, the MPA data field should match the same number as shown on XO home page.
If not, check to make sure your account login works from the Dashboard.

My PP on the Dashboard is 815.

I just started the K2 in the garage (connected to wifi), selected a profile, and viewed the page with the MPA data field. Once it connected to the bike power meter (interesting that this was necessary), it showed an MPA of 832 (old data).

Then I opened the EBC app on the K2 and noticed I was in a logged-out state. So I logged in and poked around the app a bit to look for a sync setting (I couldn’t find one). However, I presumed that logging in and opening the app should sync the data.

I again selected the profile and this time the value never showed in the MPA data field until I actually started an activity. When I did that, it still showed 832.

So I’m still not seeing the live data (815) reflected on the bike computer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: