When should I expect Vo2max work for Climber with Moderate-2 progression?

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This is where I’m at the moment

Given that Climber profile has a focus of 10 minutes, I was wondering when (aprox) will I get recommended hard short vo2 max intervals in my progression


Short answer is likely never since climber is 10min focus which is maybe 115% of TP or so for most. Slightly longer answer is that XATA may by chance choose a slightly different focus if it better meets your XSS goal for the day, so it’s possible by luck rather than design.

That doesn’t mean workouts are easy as they are still above TP.

You can filter workouts in the library for ‘climber’ hand difficulty level) and see the workouts you’ll get when you get there (and as mentioned in previous posts, you can slide the program phase bar to see when it shifts to climber focus)

And it’s as simple as choosing a shorter focus athlete type for more intense workouts, if that’s what you want for your goals


Thanks. This seems like a blind spot in the system. Talk to any coach, Vo2max work should probably be a part of any type of training program. Seems like an unnecessary rigidity.

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Towards the end of peak phase it should move you Thru climber to puncheur, so you should get some breakaway specialist or puncheur workouts the last week or so.

I think you are jumping to conclusions possibly influenced by old-school dogma and labels. :wink:
Go to (1) Xert - Workouts (xertonline.com)
Select Show 100.
Select Filter.
Select Focus = Climber and Apply Filter.
Sort the list by Rating column starting with one diamond.
Start scrolling down the list for example workouts.
There are a number “VO2max style” workouts that are not necessarily labeled VO2max. Many are Xert SMART based (example, XSSR, MPA reserve, MMP). You’ll find others in the Coach folder including some traditional versions.
Also check out the Closer (hard start XSSR) and Elastic Heart (MPA reserve) series.
All target VO2max as do the Ronnestad-style workouts using a micro-burst approach.

thanks, my question was when will I start getting those type of workouts in my progression, do you know?..I should have said, “IF the commenter is right…”

If the question is when focus shifts, then it’s the same answer as last time you asked the forum the same question :wink: and as I outlined again in my original response

If it’s about when you get short VO2 max workouts as you asked, I really don’t see climber focus as fitting that description in general, but if filtering for 2 or 3 star climber workouts as @ridgerider2 and I suggested meets your definition of VO2 max, then ok. I would see 6 min and below focus as being more VO2 max focus. And if that’s what you want, it’s easy to change your athlete type in case you have it wrong.

I could be wrong, but think you have interpreted climber athlete type as putting you on a broad program for people wanting to get better at climbing, targeting all energy systems. Actually it’s a periodisation that brings you to a 10 minute focus for your event. It’s a common misconception, but easily fixed by changing athlete type