Whats your favorite break thru strategy?

Mine used to be ride at 120%-140%TP until MPA drops to about half of PP, take a 10-20 second break then do an all out push. Worked well at first, but after a while getting MPA to start coming down seemed to take a long time and I felt like I was getting winded just trying.
Recently, I’ve been doing lots of riding at LTP, as a result, HIE is pretty low. A good breakthru strategy got to be find a hill and ride at 2xTP for as long as I can, then just keep pushing until I get to the top. Again, worked great. Now my HIE is rising and the hills aren’t tall enough. What works well for everyone else?

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Tabata-style intervals such as https://www.xertonline.com/workout/ixhq7sl1oanzh7yy, but don’t look at the power instead just go. Just reached HIE 30,0 kj, so will become harder from now on :frowning:

My HIE is a touch over half that, so I’ll give those a try. I tended to find the workout a bit tough, primarily because geography tends to interfere with the pace. In a more general sense, I wonder what’s the best way to train the mental part of cycling. Over longer time frames I can never come close to doing what exert tells me I’m capable of. I should be able to maintain an average of TP for an hour (isn’t that the definition), but in practice I very rarely manage to maintain LTP for an hour. 2 hours at 85% LTP feels like a hard ride.

Zwift KISS race

Don’t know about “favourite” but I regularly do an early morning chain gang with a group of guys who are stronger than me (some a lot stronger) - regular source of breakthrough rosettes!!