What's the point of a hardness test?

After performing a Hardness test, let’s say one diamond above my training load. Does that changes Xert future recommendations? Is this a special workout or is me who needs to manipulate Xert there after with this new piece of information?

I hope I’m making sense.


Do the test which is close to your TL, same number of stars. Do it when rested or reasonably fresh.
This will confirm to Xert your current signature, or maybe even give a BT. That will then influence XATA ongoing recommendations.


I have a feeling that I’m sounding daft :sweat_smile:

Does this mean the hardness test have a different meaning to the algorithm than the other “normal” workouts?

What kind of BT? on my side not even the level 16 suggests the MPA will go that down to trigger a BT

Putting it simple, if I do the the hardness test level 16 (pic above) does that mean XATA now thinks that I can do workouts with extreme difficulty and will start putting that on my plate?

As @johnnybike mentions they don’t affect future recommendations directly. They are workouts designed to test your “hardness” similar to the way BT workouts are designed to test your “fitness” and generate a BT.

Note these descriptions from the workout library and click the reference links below –

Xert’s Hardness Tests are workouts that test your toughness and ability to produce power under central fatigue. These workouts need to be performed precisely in order to be able to properly compare one result to the other. Levels 1-3 are generally for those recovering from injury.

Alternate: If the standard Level xx test is impossible given your Fitness Signature. Use this test as an alternate.

Levels 14-18 are extreme hardness tests. These can only be completed by athletes that are highly-trained. motivated and exceptional.

Hardness – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

How Tough Are You? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Hardness test - order - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

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I’m starting to feel embarrassed :flushed:

I’m having trouble to understand
what’s the outcome of the test.

I understand what I’ll be testing, but what happens next? What do I do with new piece of information?

They don’t affect advice or anything like that, so are completely optional. Xert just treats it like any other activity in analysis. Difficulty of recommended workouts will remain driven by training load and freshness (inc feedback from slider)

If you want (like) to test how much you can suffer then you can do one. You either can do it at a certain level or you can’t… nothing more. I think partly they were designed to show that you can create tough workouts which lead to failure for reasons other than reaching MPA limits… and maybe to show how difficulty score helps quantify that…

They are good as workouts themselves if their focus happens to match what you’re looking for that day

Otherwise I don’t see a lot of value in doing them. If you are feeling fresh enough to ride hard / to failure, you may as well go for a breakthrough (which if you follow hardness tests you won’t get)


Got it! :+1:t2:

That puts my doubts to rest.

I had gale winds against me on this one! But I got there in the end.

Cheerios to everyone

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