What's the meaning of "high intensity energy"?

I’m a Japanese. I have a question. I want to focus sprint time-triallist, I don’t know how to focus that intensity.And I found that there are hardly “high stress” and "peak stress "when I could focus sprint time-triallist intensity. But I don’t know what is the definition of “high stress high intensity”. Tell me someone please.

Hi Takahiro. Is the glossary link on the menu (http://baronbiosys.com/glossary_printable/) helpful? Does it translate to Japanese well? You can also read our blog on Fitness Signatures (http://www.baronbiosys.com/?page_id=4)

Thank you so much! I could understood a part of this. But I couldn’t find that what is the strain ratio of each athlete types. Please tell me that,if it is my oversight,I’m sorry.

The exact allocation ratio for each athlete type depends on your fitness signature.