What's My FTP?

We just launched a new app. It’s for non Xert users mostly, although many will find it very interesting to have the app running all the time.


Be sure to tell your friends about it and spread the word on Xert. This app works extremely well and many will benefit by having regular feedback on their Threshold Power as it improves with training.

Hi Armando, am keen to download the app, though in connect it is saying I need to update my garmin 1000 (to the dreaded v14 that I’ve been been avoiding) would you advise against this until the bugs are fixed?

Hard to say. We’re not getting a lot of complaints but you may want to float it out to the FB group.

Hi Armando, saw the review on DCRainmaker yesterday. Registered and synced a year of Strava data, then switched to GC for syncing future rides. Really like what I see so far except for the lack of an iOS app - I use a computer all day and review fitness/rides in evening on my phone using TP app. Back to What’s My FTP data field - I installed it onto my Edge 520 and tried it on last night’s group ride. Initially setup as 7th field on my standard data page, unfortunately the “FTP” and “Powered by Xert” text are so large it leaves almost no room for the FTP info. It would be nice if this data field would fit in smaller slots on the display, I’ll likely move it to my power page on the 520.

520 6 Fields Display Looks fine on our side. What are you seeing?

seeing the same, the “100” ftp font is too small to read while riding outdoors. I can read the small numbers in Speed, Distance, and Time fields. I haven’t ridden inside yet, but predict the same problem as I don’t wear my glasses on the trainer. My humble suggestion is to follow Garmin’s font sizing, and replace the two lines above/below with a single line “Xert FTP” IMG_0722

Great idea - howewer, with regard to resetting when using lap button - maybe an option to save the calculated FTP as a connect IQ field in the FIT file?

Already saved in your account. :slight_smile:

Tried “What’s My FTP” with garmin 920xt and Stryd power. App didn’t work… Will this be fixed in the near future?

The app will work with any sensor configured as a power meter on you Garmin. The Stryd may not be seen as a power meter.

Hi Armando. i downloaded the whats my ftp app a couple weeks ago. seemed to work on my first ride but since then it just stays at 200w! my TP from xert is 311w.

It starts at 200W. You’ll need to push yourself to see it go up!

hi Armando, can you somehow save the info in a fit file or external from the device ? When I come home I am often too tired to check my values :slight_smile:

Just login to Xert. You can even check from your phone.

Hi Armando, Where can you find the value in Xert ?

Threshold Power. :slight_smile: And it should be a bit better than the value you get from the app since the app’s algorithm only looks at the data as it comes in.