What's My FTP? Connect-IQ app indoor not working

I really love the Connect-IQ App What’s My FTP and it works great outdoors on my bike on my Edge 530 using a Powertab powermeter.

The strange thing is that it’s not working on my indoor trainer connected via Ant FE-C. The Edge shows all figures just fine (Power/Cadence/Speed) but the My FTP Datafeed remains at 100 and won’t change.
Also, Zwift connects just fine.

I also tested it using my Forerunner 955 and had the same issue.

Are there any restrictions for indoor trainers or devices connected via Ant FC-E?


Hi Oliver,

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the WMFTP data field!

IIRC, the WMFTP data field needs data to be coming from a dedicated power meter sensor… can you try pairing your trainer as a Power Meter on your edge 530/FR 955?