What's my FTP App Fenix 5 against Edge 520

Hi, I had a Problem yesterday that I had on previous rides too. As I do triathlon I use a Fenix 5 for all activities and when I go cycling I although use an Edge 520. On both of them the “What’s my FTP” is running. Just on the Fenix it seems to stop adapting the FTP at one point whereas on the Edge it is recalculated the whole time.
On the Fenix yesterday it went up to 165 at about 9-10 min and on the Edge it rose over 220 (don’ laugh at the low values…).

Check that you don’t have Reset on Lap enabled.

When I had Reset on Lap enabled the FTP was reset to 0. But now it just didn’t change anymore.

Sorry, reset to 100

You can also try and reset the app to start over again.