What to do when you can't complete a workout

Hello all!

Today I did the SMART - Higher Ground 3.5 workout and after the second set of intervals, my legs were just toasted. The workout was done on a smart trainer using slope (set at 1.5%). I was wondering, what do you typically do if/when you can’t complete a workout? Do you just quit or keep pedalling at lower power and still hit some intervals.

Maybe today was not a good day for me, nonetheless looking for your input.


That’s a “Difficult” Workout.

What’s your TL? High & Peak TL?

Not sure what phase of training your in.

What I do when I feel poor, depends on my schedule. NO Intervals though.
Do I quit now and try tomorrow OR do I just get some XSS in riding sub LTP.

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It’s a 3 star (or diamond) difficulty rating workout.

This week training load is 69, last week was 72 (I’m not sure where to look for High & Peak TL). I’m currently in the base build of my training.

As you pointed out, I think it would be a good strategy, when something like this happens to at least try and finish the workout at LTP and generate XSS.

I would have lowered slope % on the third set or switched back to Auto and lowered that %. If still feeling toasted at the reduced level I would switch to resistance mode and ride the remainder of the workout at low intensity ignoring targets. More low intensity base is always helpful in the long run.

Was Higher Ground 3.5 one of the recommended workouts?
What is your athlete type and IR set to?

When you select Progression the main dark line on the chart shows your current and historical TL.

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Good idea on changing the trainer setting to Auto and lower the %.

Yes, Higher Grounds was the recommended workout.
My Athlete type is Rouleur and my IR is set at “0”

Here’s a screenshot of my Progression.

I think part of the problem is that last week, I had 2-3 rides that generated lots of XSS including a BT so now the XATA is trying to keep me on pace with my last week of riding. This week, I was busy at work, did not have much time to ride and had a backlog Training Deficit. Thus XATA suggesting a workout generating lots of XSS. :grin: